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List of contents 

  • Chapter II: Intervening History Of Colony
  • Chapter III: Fight With Cannibals
  • Chapter IV: Renewed Invasion Of Savages
  • Chapter V: A Great Victory
  • Chapter VI: The French Clergyman's Counsel
  • Chapter VII: Conversation Betwixt Will Atkins And His Wife
  • Chapter VIII: Sails From The Island For The Brazils
  • Chapter IX: Dreadful Occurrences In Madagascar
  • Chapter X: He Is Left On Shore
  • Chapter XI: Warned Of Danger By A Countryman
  • Chapter XII: The Carpenter's Whimsical Contrivance
  • Chapter XIII: Arrival In China
  • Chapter XIV: Attacked By Tartars
  • Chapter XV: Description Of An Idol, Which They Destroy
  • Chapter XVI: Safe Arrival In England
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